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SVRNSS College is a Govt. aided (Kerala Govt.) rural college run by the Nair Service Society. Affiliated to the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, it has completed fifty years of existence. The college was started in 1965 as a junior college with four batches of the Pre-degree course. In 1977, the college gained the status of a senior college with UG programmes. In 1981, it became a Post Graduate college with PG courses. In 1993, the UGC recognized the college under section 2f. Sree Vidyadhi Raja NSS College nestled among the undulating hills and situated against the sylvan setting in the heart of a remote village, is a rural centre of knowledge intended to cater to the intellectual needs of the economically backward community. Located ideally in the vicinity of a hermitage, the college has a spiritual grandeur that is conducive to serious academic exercise.

The mission of the college is to uplift the local rustic community educationally, socially, culturally and economically. The goals and objectives of the college are: to achieve academic excellence, to uphold moral and spiritual values, to inculcate a sense of social justice in students, and to make the students self reliant and service minded. Upholding these goals, the college strives to impart the best education possible, utilizing all the available facilities to the optimum.

With seven UG and four PG programmes that accommodate about eight hundred students, sixty teaching and fifty-one non-teaching staff the college marches ahead towards the realization of its goals and objectives of uplifting the village community educationally and socially. The education imparted is aimed at nurturing both the brain and the soul of the students. The staff and students toil hard to achieve even the unachievable.


Date of Establishment : 27th April 1965

Management : Corporate management under Nair Service Society

Affiliation : Mahatma Gandhi University

Type : Grant-in-aid

UGC Recognition : 2(f) & 12(B)

NAAC accreditation : B

Campus area :

Location : Rural

Number of Courses : UG — 7 PG — 5

Students’ strength (2015-16) :

Teachers’ strength :

Non-teaching staff :



Providing quality education to all, specially to economically challenged students. To make them aware about their rights to lead a better life. To enlighten the world and life of the rural people. To free backward people from different types of exploitation To educate the youth to build up a strong and progressive nation. To help, prepare outstanding educators, scholars and researchers. To provide value based education for moral upliftment and to arouse social commitment.


The vision of the college is to encourage the students “to arise, to awake, and stop not till the goal is reached”(Kadopanishad). The vision aims to awaken the sleeping soul, awakening of one’s real nature and the consequent ushering in of prosperity.


To achieve academic excellence. To uphold moral and spiritual values. To inculcate a sense of social justice to students. To make the student self reliant and service minded. Upholding these goals the college strives to impart the best education possible, utilizing all the available facilities to the optimum.

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