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The college runs a number of committees and cells to ensure the welfare of the institution and its students. These wings try to ensure that the bearings of the administration are smooth and are upto the expectations of the management and the society. IQAC

The educational institutions must have a long-term objective. Quality enhancement must be an integral part of institutional functioning. Multiple methodologies should be used at the same time for the Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement. In this context NAAC has advised the college to constitute an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to sustain the momentum of quality consciousness among the stakeholders of the institution. IQAC is committed to Quality Sustenance and Quality Enhancement and it is a measure towards the institution’s hope to make quality enhancement an integral part of the institutional functioning.

UGC Committee

UGC committee is constituted with the Principal and representatives of teachers. This committee assists the Principal in formating proposals for assistance, implementing the programmes etc. Communications regarding the UGC schemes are brought to the notice of this committee for follow up actions.

SC/ST Monitoring Cell

SC/ST Monitoring Cell effectively look into matters regarding admissions, distribution of stipend, welfare, grievances etc. among SC/ST students of the college.

Attendance Committee

Attendance committee collects attendence of students from departments, consolidates it and publishes it every month to ensure that students tightly follow the stipulations of the University and bag their credits.

Library Committee

Library Committee functions in the college to promote effective and interactive access and use of information resources for all users. The committee has clearly worded rules and guidelines with regard to hours of access, circulation policies and other regulations to offer better services to the users. The Library functions with the primary mission of meeting the library and information needs of the students. Library Committee is vested with the responsibility of recommending, selecting, and purchasing books for the library. The library committee can make recommendations regarding the improvement of library infrastructure and the efficiency of library functioning.

Cell to Combat Sexual Harassment

The cell functions as per the guidelines issued by the University, to protect female students from atrocities and to help them in hours of need. Any type of sexual harassment-physical, verbal or mental-shall come under the purview of the cell and the cell is entitled to combat sexual harassment and to initiate legal proceedings against the accused. The cell also tries to inculcate moral values among students and conducts awareness classes regarding gender and social issues.

Purchase Comittee

A puchase committee is functioning in the college to manage purchases under UGC funds.

Research Cell

Research Cell of the college works with a mission to develop and encourage research aptitude among the teachers and students. Information regarding project proposals are issued from the cell time to time and it also takes steps to arrange consultancy services regarding research and higher studies.

Ethics Committee

In accordance with the Government order an Ethics Committee has been constituted in this college for banning use of mobile phones, obscene cinematic dance and fashion show in the college.

Website Committee

NAAC has set two minimum institutional requirements for the re-accreditation of an institution; the constitution of a functional IQAC and the hosting of a website with institutional information. The website committee looks after the functioning of the college website and updates information on a regular basis to keep up the datase in accordance with time.


National Service Scheme(NSS)

The NSS is part of the Development of Youth Affairs and sports under the ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India. It is a voluntary organization for students and the teachers. The NSS has been introduced in colleges and universities all over India in response to the Kothari Commission’s recommendation that education should be oriented to the social needs by involving students in service to the community. The motto of NSS is ` Not Me, But You’. Three units are functioning in our college and all students are the members of National Service Scheme. In recent years the college has elevated to the ranks of having one of the best NSS unit under the MG University.

Career Guidance Cell

The career club of our college helps students to prepare for suitable careers. The club conducts workshops and programmes on career orientation, higher study options, self-employment, entrepreneurship management etc. The club has a well-equipped career library with useful books and periodicals. Experienced resource persons are invited occasionally to provide career counselling to students.

Science Forum

The Science Forum was established to create awareness and interest among students in science subjects, It motivates students to conduct exhibitions in the various branches of science. The Science Forum conducts Quiz, Debates, Seminars and Talks on various topics in different disciplines of science, especially on the recent developments in the field of Science and Technology. It also brings in experts in the field to inspire and enlighten students.

Quiz Club

To develop the intellectual capacity of our students and create a healthy competitive spirit in them the quiz club organizes quiz sessions regularly. The activities of the club promotes the competitive skill and general awareness of the students and aims to suffice them with materials to meet the challenges of competetive examinations.

Nature Club

The nature club conducts a number of programmes to promote love of nature among the students and make them conscious of the various ways in which they can work effectively to preserve the eco- system. The programmes include Nature Camps, Environment education, wild life surveys, mountaineering etc.

Debate Club

The club has been very active ever since its inception. The club aims at developing the oratory and communicative skills of the students. The club conducts debates and discussions at intervals and resource persons are employed to give training in public speaking.

Music Club

It is an attempt to identify and encourage those who are blessed with a mellifluous voice and the gift of music. Through its activities the club has been able to generate a great deal of enthusiasm among the students especially among the lovers of music.

Blood Donation Club

It has a wide membership comprising students and teachers. Those belonging to different blood groups are categorised and kept in reserve to meet emergency situations. Numerous instances can be quoted when our blood donors came to the rescue of the public in and around Vazhoor. Through Blood Donation Club, the college tries to inculcate the values of social service and helps the students to practise the idea of selfless love.

Students Counselling Cell

The college runs a Students Counselling Cell to boost the morale of students. The cell tries to point out those students who are emotionally upset and ecourages them to overcome the challenges and enrich themselves educationally.

Women’s Cell

With over 70% of the students belonging to the female species the Women’s Cell of the college is at work and urges the students to think that each woman has to shine out as a light unto herself and unto the world around her. To empower and equip her with confidence and strength of character, plans and programmes are chalked out and effectively implemented. The Women’s Day is conducted annually and it is an occasion for the girls of the college to shed out their inhibitions and vie with one another to display their talents in extracurricular activities.

Tourism Club

As per the directions and encouragement of the District Tourism Promotion Council, a Tourism Club was set up in our college to create proper awareness about tourism among the youth. Tourism club organizes quiz programmes, periodical seminars and discussions in the college on various topics related to tourism.

Entrepreneurship Development Club (EDC)

Entrepreneurship Development Club is a novel programme jointly launched by the Industries, Directorate of Collegiate Education, Government of Kerala, in co-operation with Kerala Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (KIED) in affiliated colleges, to inculcate enterpreneurship culture, social values like integrity, hard work, discipline, honesty etc. among students. It also aims at creating enterpreneurship culture and equipping them with skills, techniques and confidence to take up business as a challenging opportunity in their life. EDC in our college was formed in March 2007 and it is successfully functioning under the co-ordination of National Service Scheme.

Film Club and Drama Club

Cinema is a medium for social criticism and the dissemination of ideas. Drama or theatrical art, a relatively old form of expression has also proved itself to be an excellent vehicle for airing and stimulating thought provoking ideas. The Film and Dramatic club combines these two noble aspects to imbibe and inculcate aesthetic ideas and values among students.

Men’s Forum

In order to promote fruitful co-operation among the male members of the faculty and the student community of SVR NSS College, Men’s Forum is formed. This forum plans beneficial activities for men through seminars, discussions etc. in which issues and problems faced by men are widely addressed.

Cultural Forum

Cultural Forum is an organisation in this college to promote cultural and academic activities. It aims at creating opportunity for presenting cultural programmes, introducing different art forms to the teachers and students, creating a deep awareness of cultural traditions of this land, organising seminars on current affairs and conducting exhibitions on different subjects.

Vanitha Vedi

Vanitha vedi is an organisation aimed at the over all development of the women of this College and often works hand in hand with the women’s cell and fills the academic schedule with remarkable programs to motivate the female students.

Planning Forum

Planning Forum is functioning in the college to promote awareness among pupils about economic planning of the nation and conducts classes and workshops under the auspices of the Department of Commerce and the Department of Economics at the time of annual budget to provide the students a glimpse of our economic situations and its ups and downs, particularly in the context of possibe careers in the private sector.

Health Club

The aim of the club is the over all improvement of the health condition of our students and staff. The club conducts free medical camps, lectures, film shows etc.

Yoga Club

The aim of the yoga club which is functioning under the Department of Physical Education is to prepare the students of this college for Inter University Yoga Competitions. The club aims at the fulfillment of the slogan, `a sound mind rests in a sound body’.

Network Resource Centre

A Net Work Resource centre is functioning with the financial assistance from UGC to provide Internet Facilities for Students and Staff.

Anti Narcotic Cell

The cell organises seminars and classes to impart awareness against social evils like AIDS, drugs, smoking etc

Seva Club

This club aims to promote the interest of social service among the student community.

Staff Club

In order to satisfy all the extra curricular ambitions of the staff, there is a staff club which brings all the teaching and office staff of the college under one umbrella and conducts cultural programs and tours to boost their morale and solidarity.

Literary Club

Literary club fosters all the literary flair that is present in the campus, with the help of workshops, symposia, etc. The club works as a window to the wide world of literature.

Photography Club

The club attempts to polish the aptitude of the students in photography and to the improve their creative ability in the field of photography. The club conductsworkshops and competitions as part of its annual programs.

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